Swap Stock feature is coming

October | 2019 We will be releasing a huge feature in the coming month. The ability to Swap Stock with other store owners. You will be able to select any outdated or old stock and post it to the Swap Stock Room and then tell thousands of other stores owners what you want to swap…

Amazon fight back

July | 2019

Amazon is here and they will hurt the Australian retail environment, they have however promised to destroy it. We have set ourselves the biggest fight back. A collection of 32,000+ Australian stores who will NOT put out the red carpet for them.

Launch of My Buys

June | 2019

As we shop we can easily forget what store we purchased from, the new My Buys feature lets you add any store to My Buys for quick and easy recall. Click “Add To My Buys” at the bottom of any digital business card.