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Darryl Reeves | Co-Founder


Aussie Mega Mall Pty Ltd

PO Box 790
QLD 4217

A place where “Shopper meets store and store greets shopper” with no middle man clipping the ticket in between.

In a competitive dog-eat-dog world, the biggest shopping conglomerates seem “hell-bent” on a mission to catalyse the utter collapse of tens of thousands of businesses every year. Creating untold stresses for employees, their families and the communities they live in and love. To-boot, they’re doing so with careless abandon like it simply does not matter. To them…. It doesn’t! The creation of broken families and stressed-out kids is nothing more than, “The cost of war!” It’s just, “Collateral damage!”

It’s pleasantly surprising and a refreshing contrast to see a business with wholesome values these days. Supporting independence not destroying it! Celebrating the startup entrepreneur. Supporting the established long-proven business that cares about its community. Giving a damn about the “fallout” that occurs when offshore “Pirates” act like it’s ok to come and not only invade our shores but, rape pillage and, burn to the ground any and all that dare to want to survive independently of them.

Aussie Mega Mall despises this, “Winner takes all” kind of business mindset. We have developed a viable and “Mutually beneficial” alternative to beat the bastards at their own game.

A “World-First” and, already the largest Online Shopping Mall in Australia, possibly the world. Replicable anywhere, highly scalable this is a business model that keeps the power where it should be. With the majority of people, not the few. A business model which, like the “Blockchain” decentralises control, gives everyone a “fair go” and puts the Monopolists on notice!

Join the revolution today. Take back what is yours! It’s your choice!

Here is your way out from becoming just another of the many thousands of Australian retailers to close shop or, another one of the hundreds of thousands of employees needing to trawl the classifieds seeking another job in a tight market and up against your friends. Avoid the stress, the liquidators, the lawyers, the divorce courts, the removalists and the associated health issues experienced by many already.

Here’s a very small snapshot of the companies who have disappeared from our shopping malls and main streets recently:, TopShop and TopShop Australia, Marcs, David Lawrence, Herringbone, Rhodes & Beckett, Pumpkin Patch, Payless Shoes, Maggie T, Diana Ferrari, Mountain Design, GAP, AVON, Esprit, Matalicus, Doughnut Time, Zumbo Patisseries, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Shoes of Prey, Max Brenner Roger David and Laura Ashley to name but a few.

As online shopping continues to grow exponentially, the serious threat to Australian stores, employees and, the way of life in “The Lucky Country” is imminent unless we join together.

We still have a huge array of wonderful and exciting Australian online stores and we have a huge number of shoppers shopping online. If we act now, we still have enough time to push back against the foreign invasion, the Australian online retail market can be protected.

We invite and welcome your participation, support and contribution. From everyone, store owners, shoppers, corporations, charities, even the Australian Government.

The Aussie Mega Mall platform plugs in every online store except foreign and drop shipping stores. That’s right, only Australian stores, companies that have set up in Australia employing Australians and who ship from Australia. It’s simple! But think about it. It works! For everyone! It’s FREE for life. No strings. You can only lose by not being a part of it.

Keep Australia Great!

A true blue collection of Australian stores selling to Australian shoppers.
Welcome to the Aussie Mega Mall, showcasing only 100% Australian online merchants.

After a solid focus and drive we are excited to introduce our World-first virtual online shopping mall with more than 32,000+ Aussie stores showcased and more joining daily!

And guess what!? No middle man clipping the retailer’s ticket in between.

Like I said at the top, “Supporting Communities by Connecting Shoppers and Merchants
with Simplicity and Beautiful Convenience.” Join the revolution today!

Yours truly for Australia!

Darryl Reeves | Co-Founder

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Keeping the retail environment sustainable for Australia and Australians.


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