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A place where “Shopper meets store and store greets shopper” with no middle man clipping the ticket in between.

The retail world in Australia is being heavily pressured by foreign stores that are invading our shores. The introduction of the internet has removed traditional boundaries of protection and no more so that the exposure of our retail landscape.

Australia has seen a plethora of major retail corporations close their doors; the retail world is strewn with decimated companies falling into administration.

A snap shot of the companies who have disappeared from our shopping malls and main streets are Topshop and Top Shop Australia, Marcs, David Lawrence, Herringnone, Rhodes & Beckett, Pumkin Patch, Payless Shoes, Maggie T, Diana Ferrari, Mountain Design, GAP, AVON, Esprit, Matalicus, Doughnut Time, Zumbo Patisseries, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Shoes of Prey, Max Brenner Roger David and Laura Ashley to name but a few.

As online shopping continues to grow exponentially the threat to Australian stores is imminent unless a solution is found.

We still have a huge array of wonderful and exciting Australian online stores and we have a huge number of shoppers shopping online. If we act quickly, we still have time to push back against the foreign invasion, the Australian online retail market can be protected.

To do such we need participation, support and contribution from everyone, store owners, shoppers, corporations and the Australian Government. A platform must be built that plugs in every online store except foreign stores and drop shipping stores leaving only Australian stores, companies that have set up in Australia employing Australians and shipping from Australia.

A true blue collection of Australian stores selling to Australian shoppers.
Welcome to the Aussie Mega Mall, a 100% online shopping mall showcasing only 100% Australian online stores.

With a solid focus and drive we are excited to introduce the Worlds first virtual online shopping mall with more than 32,000+ Aussie stores being showcased.

Our tag is “Shopper meets store and store greets shopper” with no middle man clipping the ticket in between.

Darryl Reeves | Co Founder – CEO

The Rules


Keeping the retail environment sustainable for Australia and Australians.


Continue innovation in features for both shoppers and store owners

Fair Play

Giving Australian store owners a free platform without minimising features


Giving Australian shoppers the ability to browse thousands of Aussie stores